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Nothing short of perfection is acceptable.

Our process

At Burin Media, our mission is simple:

We make sure the written work our clients send to us is returned to them the best it can be. That means making sure the words are right, the tone and voice are appropriate, and the copy is free of error. We guarantee our work because your success is our success.

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Developmental Editing

Burin Media will take your ideas in rough draft form and craft them into polished copy that clearly and accurately conveys your important message.


The importance of copy that is error free and syntactically correct cannot be overstated. Burin Media editors will take your copy and return it to you perfect.

Copy Editing

Along with checking facts, our editors will perform substantive editing to ensure your hard work conforms to an indicated style and is in correct Standard English.

Content Writing

Have ideas but are unsure how to express them? Burin Media writers will work closely with you to craft original copy that expresses your ideas clearly and accurately.

Website QA

Before you open your all-important web site to the world, let our editors go through it word-by-word, punctuation mark-by-mark, to ensure your first impression is perfect.

Academic ESL Writing

Burin Media editors understand the complexities and vagaries of Standard American English and will ensure your work conforms to these tenants without losing your unique voice.

What people are saying

“When I brought the Burin team in on a website, they went way beyond looking for errors (although of course they caught those); their fresh perspective allowed us to re-examine word choices to make sure the copy would really resonate with our audience. They integrated with our team well, and their work really helped us bring the creative to the next level. Bonus: they were incredibly flexible, very responsive, and all around great to work with. I can’t wait to bring them in on our next project.”

Melissa DalluhnRosy Agency

“Angela and Kim are doing a great job of supporting our content production, helping to make our work clearer and more precise. Able to shift gears quickly, they deliver on demanding projects without missing deadlines, and their self-discipline, attention to detail, and eagerness to be thorough results in us better meeting our clients' content needs.

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The English language remains one of the most subjective and bewildering of all the modern languages, and as such, the concept of perfection in proofreading remains as elusive as the Grail. Academics will disagree, citing precedence, over the most basic tenets of grammar.

At Burin Media, we understand your commitment to your work and will not settle for anything less than copyediting that staunchly respects the integrity of your ideas, while maintaining your unique voice and tone. And while the idea of perfection remains elusive, Burin Media editors believe in nothing less. We guarantee our work. Period.

Before Burin Media

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After Burin Media

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