About Us

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Burin Media’s goals are simple:  to assist our clients in producing clear written work that is grammatically error-free and syntactically correct. We believe our clients’ insights and ideas should shine through and be clearly showcased by supporting copy that is couched in a solid, professional understanding of the nuances of Standard English. To this end, Burin Media’s editors are degreed professionals with decades-long academic and real-world experience. Well versed in a broad range of the sciences and humanities, our editors have taught composition at the collegiate level and have written for and edited newspapers. They bring to our clients solid business experience that spans copy editing, proofreading, marketing, advertising, and project management. For clients who speak English as a second language, Burin Media editors can ensure your written work conforms to the intricacies of the English language and expresses your ideas in clear, error-free copy. Our editors are guided by the belief that nothing short of perfection is acceptable.

Our Process

Copy accepted by Burin Media undergoes a process that ensures it will be returned to its author with his or her ideas clearly expressed and error free. Unlike many proofreading and editing services, documents submitted to Burin Media are seen by no fewer than two editors and then checked and rechecked until the editors are satisfied. This process often entails a feedback loop, ensuring that the author and Burin Media editors are satisfied with any points that might need clarification.

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